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Our Story

From the time I was two-years-old, my grandmother Nettie Green took me to the Jamaican markets where she sold produce and her special sauce seasoning...

Made With Love

She taught me not only about food and flavors, but what it means to love others. I am who I am today because of her. The way she poured love onto people, showering them with tenderness and care inspired my passion for cooking. Rest in peace Grandmother - my best friend, my spiritual guide, and my rock.

Her Legacy Carries On

At Althea’s Almost Famous, we care about you as much as the quality of ingredients that go into everything we make. This business was born from a passion to make people's lives more colorful and enjoyable. Just as Nettie Green cared about pouring love into people and food, we too, put pride into everything we make, and we hope you love our products and food.

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