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Akaloe Juice

Akaloe Juice
Akaloe Juice
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Seven years ago, i started my weight lost journey and created these 10 juices as a meal replacement that would provide my body with minerals and vitamins needed. The Akaloe was named by my former Assistant made with organic kale, aloe, granny smith apple, ginger, lemon juice, raw honey, and seamoss. Kale lowers your risk of diabetes and heart disease, and it is great for bone, skin, and health health. Aloe is an amazing plant that's so many benefits, but for me, it gave me energy, boosts metabolism, and stablizes PH. The apple, lemon juice, ginger, and seamoss magnified the minerals, but most importantly, to me, it helped with the taste. Althea's Almost Famous Akaloe juice is packed with vitamins, enzymes, and chlorophyll in all their perfect fresh goodness, it's has everything that your body needs. You can almost taste the pure life in the juice. Enjoy the fruit of my labor.

  • 16oz bottle or a gallon

  • Hand-pressed

  • BPA Free 


made with love always

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